In Wargods Online, merchants are where you buy equipment from. Merchants can require a minimum level, class, battleground victories, or damage ratio to buy an item. If the buy button is enabled then you are qualified to buy that item.

There are also different special merchants every hour in game.

Merchant Schedule ( All Times EST):

Zeus - 12 PM/AM - All Classes

Hephaestus - 1 PM/AM - Guardian, Gladiator, Paladin, Stormcaller armor and mercenaries

Poseidon - 2 PM/AM - Elementalist, Mage, Cleric, Wizard, and Sorcerer armor and mercenaries

Apollo - 3 PM/AM - Paladin, Archer, Cleric weapons and mercenaries

Demeter - 4 PM/AM - Mage, Cleric, Wizard weapons and mercenaries

Ares - 5 PM/AM - Guardian, Gladiator weapons and mercenaries

Aphrodite - 6 PM/AM - Mage, Wizard weapons and mercenaries

Artemis - 7 PM/AM - Rogue, Archer and Ninja armor and mercenaries

Athena - 8 PM/AM - Guardian and Gladiator weapons and mercenaries

Hades - 9 PM/AM - Elementalist and Sorcerer weapons and mercenaries

Dionysis - 10 PM/AM - All mercenaries

Hermes - 11 PM/AM - Rogue and Ninja weapons and mercenaries

Guild merchants are only available to those who have joined a guild.

Guild merchants reward hard work and dedication so only seasoned warriors can purchase their items.

Note: If you switch guilds your guild reputations will reset to 0.

Your world must have at least one trophy or the merchant will close down.

Once you use enchants on armor it can not be removed. If you change guilds the armor can not be enchanted by the new guild.

You can only choose one Minor and one Major enchant per suit of armor.